Navigating traffic and quantum circuits

Many people trust their phones to help navigate from “Point A” to “Point B”. Just say where you want to go, and the phone examines traffic conditions and other constraints (e.g. “avoid tolls”), explores thousands of different options and recommends the best one at any given moment. We no longer rely on static maps, AAA TripTik planners or other ancient history relics.

We basically tell our phone the “what” and leave it to figure out the “how”. Most often, the phone does a better job than we can manually do, and does it faster.

This exact same approach is the future of implementing quantum algorithms. By defining “what” you’d like the circuit to do, and letting a computer figure out the “how”, designers can generate sophisticated quantum circuits with ease and speed. Most often, the computer will do a better job figuring out the exact connections between qubits and gates, and get you to your algorithmic destination faster.

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Yuval Boger

Yuval Boger


Yuval Boger — The Qubit Guy — talks about business and technical subjects related to quantum computing and technologies. Reach him at