How To Execute a Quantum Computing Proof-of-Concept Project

  • Launching a quantum computing proof-of-concept project doesn’t need to break the bank. Once a business has identified a use case, a three- to four-month trial project can be implemented for ~$100,000.
  • How is it best to spend these resources? The question of what business problem could be addressed with quantum computing need not be answered before getting started. That’s where a partner can help.
  • Proof-of-concept projects must be kept in perspective. “The goal is not necessarily to solve a business problem in the immediate term, but rather to gain competency,” says Classiq’s Yuval Boger.
  • When to launch a proof-of-concept project
  • What quantum computing can solve for a business
  • When to use outside help

When is the right time to launch a quantum proof-of-concept?

What challenge can quantum computing solve?

Who can help implement quantum computing?



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Yuval Boger

Yuval Boger

Yuval Boger — The Qubit Guy — talks about business and technical subjects related to quantum computing and quantum technology.