From Prototype to Production: How Volkswagen Is Using Quantum Computing

  • Although the technology is still emerging, Volkswagen is investigating quantum computing because of its incredible potential to turbocharge business processes.
  • In the past five years, Volkswagen has tested and successfully prototyped quantum computing solutions across different parts of the company.
  • Volkswagen’s lead data scientist David Von Dollen believes areas such as logistics, the mobility space, materials design, and optimization are ripe to be optimized by quantum computing.

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Quantum Computing Support: Next Steps For Your Company

This article is based on an episode of The Qubit Guy podcast, which explores business and technical questions that impact the quantum computing ecosystem. Hosted by Classiq CMO Yuval Boger, the interview podcast features thought leaders in quantum computing.



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Yuval Boger

Yuval Boger

Yuval Boger — The Qubit Guy — talks about business and technical subjects related to quantum computing and quantum technology.